cheese sandwiches and Spanish Old People…

Saturday, June 16, 2007
The cuisine of Spain is famed for its tapas, seafood, fesh veg and lush fruit, and in the past two days all I have managed to eat is two cheese sandwiches. and a shite load of beer cus, at the end of the day everyone knows what ‘beer’ is in any language.

My Spanish has got me far these oast few days…’pardon’ when I bump into someone. ‘rethebo’ when I need a receipt, and my old favourite ‘Ola!’ , you can’t go wrong with the odd hello. I even sent a lady to the 5th floor of my apartment block by pointing at the buttons and asking ‘cinco?’ She may not have been going there…

I love Spain because it’s full of brown wrinkley old men who always need to sit down. Even on the big massive street in Barcelona, where there are those bastard silver painted mime artists who think they’re robots, they have special old men seats. Not even next to each other, but randomly scattered. So walking down the street you can bet ur ass every 10 yards you’ll find an old man asleep.

I managed to catch a very odd installation slash show today. I even had to sign a release form before i went in, and there were paramedics waiting outside. I’m not one for installations, to be honest i can take me or leave em. It started with 60 or so of us watching an odd projection of what looked like the dancing baby from Ally Mcbeal, then a whole lorra smoke filled the room, mixed with stobe lights, then pulsating coloured lights. You know when you poke urself in the eye (if your as stupid to) and you get those strange little red greeny splashes in your eyes, well that was what it was like, but not just straight ahead but to the side of you and mixed with the smoke and sub bass surround sound – i thought i was going to punch the girl beside me. Well done you crazy artist you, that’s not art, it’s messin with me vision you wanker.

Currently listening:Let Me Introduce My FriendsBy I’m from Barcelona
Release date: 20 March, 2007


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