So there was this woman and she was on a airplane

Friday, June 15, 2007

My second day in Barcelona, I’m sat on the tiniest balcony with me laptop in me, well lap over looking terocata rooftops, satillite dishes; to one side of me is the ocean and to the other sise is mountains I can’t even see what is at the top of, butr I know the lights twinkle at night time. Peoples washing hangs in the balance 12 story’s high, and I be questioning where my smalls were gonna fall if i was them.But this is Spain, and as is the nature of the county, anything goes. It’s uber chilled out, maybe its the sun, or may be it’s the cheap wine. (I bought bottle of red vino for €1.01 and i thought that was a bit fooking steep)
I’m sure i saw the guy who sang the macarena get on the tube.Sonar by night kicks off in a few hours. I may pop along, after a ickle siesta.

Currently listening:The Ugly OrganBy Cursive
Release date: 04 March, 2003


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