Oh hey…. Welcome to my new place (again)

Lads, Lads, Lads

My blog’s like a bloody Manchester-based student.

2005 – Born in MySpace. Aka a cheap halls of residence.

Everyone’s pretty new here trying to make a good impression. Sometimes people get far too drunk and try to make friends you wouldn’t actually consider hanging out with in real life. It’s a bit of a popularity contest and I bet half the fuckers you meet, you won’t speak to in 5 years’ time.

2006 – Still on MySpace. Aka a house share in Fallowfield

All the people you were like totally connected with over the last 12 months decide to ‘group’ together and get somewhere together. Who the fuck cares that normal people won’t even consider moving into a 10 bedroom house. Put a bed in a kitchen – instant bedroom, plus the fridge is in the living room already. The landlord’s also a cunt called Tom.

There’s the odd neighbour who still tries befriending you. Even though each time they attempt to make that initial friendship request (for the 10th time), they were so far in a K-hole, that they cant remember it was only last Tuesday they re-played the very same conversation to you.

Camera phones are pretty new invention and the only way you can get your whole face in focus, is holding said mobile at a jaunty angle above ones head…and pouting.

Things start to get over crowded, people come and go and you know man…it’s just not the same as it was. It’s not me, it’s you. Then before you know it, you’re accounts been hacked and your flatmate’s chasing a scally down the stairs with a plastic pirate sword.

Time to move out.

2007-2008 Blogger. Aka South Manchester, not quite Fallowfield not quite Didsbury

Withington downsize. Bit scally in places (that’s why I like it). Cute little place though, trying to be a grown up. Colour codes links, matching plates. Took 3 weeks to do it up, stayed for 2 years.

2008 – 2012 Aka pretty much ignored the blog, so no smart-arsed analogy

2012 – WordPress. Aka Cute little grown-up flat

Attempting to be slick, but still have to use a template.Can add my own bits. BUT NOT ALLOWED TO PAINT THE WALLS.There’s still bits and bobs lying around and ‘imported’ that reminds you of the glorious past 6 years. Photo’s, posts and bloody good memories.

Enjoy your look around, the view’s not bad and OMG you must try the hottub sometime.
Some bits and bobs might not look right, but fuck it. My blog.

Loosely based on real-life accounts. Names and likeliness of individuals mentioned are purely fictional and only for the purposes of illustrating this blog post. Probably


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