I’m giving up Facebook for Lent

Lent facebook image

Like this if you like Jesus.

Oh have times have changed.
Where once people would give up items of their diet or objects of their lifestyle that was deemed luxurious or tempting I’m giving up some thing that’s a virtual commodity. I’m giving up a digital platform. Let’s rewind about 15 odd years ago – Sir Patrick Moore (god rest his soul) in his GamesMaster guise would have been proud, for someone to succumb to a virtual made up world . The end is nigh.

So swiftly has the world we live in seen the introduction of a new form of etiquette. A world of unspoken rules and behaviour – up there with text protocol. kin’+hell, I can now even see if you’ve read my bleedin’ message and what time and you dint even reply…


facebook cat says no

This is going to be dam hard though, for a variety of reasons:

A) I run an online company, where I also run the social media campaigns and er, facebook’s, like well massive – Well not to put my charity in a social media black hole, I have an alternative FB account with no friends. Is this cheating? Is it feck.  Facebook is mearly a search engine if you have no facebook friends.

b) I’m a nosey bugger –  Friday night, glass of wine – facebook snoop. ‘OMG that’s his ex-girlfriend’, ‘jesus wept that’s an ugly baby’ and before you know it, you start wondering if those apps can really track your profile views or your if your fat finger’s gonna hit that ‘like’ button onthatrandomlassesphotowhosmateswiththepersonimfacebookstalking

c)  facebook has complicated the simple process of breaking up with someone. I hark back to the days of just doing your own head in, instead of seeing it in a news feed

I was going to give up booze, but considering my weary heart, let’s try 40 days and 40 nights without updating my status 4 times a day, linking youtube to that one song  ‘it’ll change your life I swear’, and buzzfeed kick backs.

Follow my progress here or www.twitter.com/victeamnoise


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