Facebook Lent (A virtual Fast) – Day 1

an image of a sign

the way to my heart

This is hard

It’s more out of habit than anything; facebook was the first website I logged onto as soon as I sat my arse at my desk on Wednesday. I’ve deleted the app from my phone, sent the final farewell status update. Everything’s still ‘live’ – which I guess is more of challenge than just deleting the thing. But if I log-in I’ll be letting myself down – and that’s kind of hard to live with, y’know, when you know you’re a massive twat.

My facebook use-age on a scale of 1-5, is 4.5. I use it as a light-hearted platform to share stuff, sound like a nob & try to make people laugh.

By over sharing, virtually on facebook, maybe I’m addressing my knack for not showing any sort of emotion towards any other human being, offline.

But I wasn’t one of those fb users who, like PROPERLY overshare. You know the ones, and it’s spelt wrong…

If U Fink U cn b my babiez momma, ur SO rong u sknk!1!

There’s a place and a time for calling your good lady wife a slut. I didn’t delete them though, as I quite enjoy reading the latest trailer trash update; to check if that rash has cleared up, if Dylan’s still a little c**t (he’s only just gone 3 months) and checkout the ‘cute’ pitbull, that’s got massive bollocks…

Day 1 – Valentines Day.

Actually quite pleased I wasn’t on facebook for this. I wasn’t in the mood to see:
a) status updates about people’s red presents
b) photos of people’s red presents (with filters on)

There would have probably been a succession of Dashboard Confessional YouTube links, writing ‘I hate you’ on everyone’s page and posting selfies of me necking miniatures of Bells.

God, I hope this little challenge doesn’t turn me into a f***ing emo.


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