Facebook Lent (A virtual Fast) – A weekly digest (slow cooked)

Look at that face. Just look

Look at that face. Just look

No-one to poke, nothing to ‘like’, no-one to stalk, well what’s a girl to do?

Slow cooking

(or crock potting if you’re from across the pond)

I’ve really got to grips with my slow cooker again. I’d love to tell you how made just the most delicious Veal Tendron Provencal

Well, first of all I went to the local organic greengrocers and bought bags of delicious, muddy vegetables, then nipped to the butchers to buy a leg of a million year hung (..tee hee, hung), hand reared veal, that was bottle fed and called Steve. Then I skipped home clutching my wicker basket full of joy.

When in reality, I bunged in some reduced pre-packed, chopped veg from Tesco’s, half a can of  value tomatoes, an oxo cube, a sprinkling of some dried something I found in the back of the cupboard and poured in the rest of me tea I’d wasted that night. Then I whacked the lid on and hoped for the best.

I took my creation into work for me dinner the next day. I swear my work mate thought I shared a mother with Charlie Bucket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I lived under a bridge.

i should buy a crockpot


You can even make soap with it (not my dinner, the crockpot)

Just look at the amount of stuff you have to put in that. I’d get to the Drain Cleaner bit and wonder,

Why the hell I am stood wearing rubber gloves on a Saturday afternoon, my eyes streaming because of the chemicals, stirring some inedible gloop round me slow cooker?

Then, for the next 6 months every buggery stew and casserole tasted like Imperial Leather.

I broke the last slow cooker I had because I forgot to put the pot in it. I was basically making soup in a hot metal tin. Yums.

It’s a nice thing to have, but I’m not going to wank on about it like some people. It’s only a kitchen appliance. I’m not going to start writing 101 things you can do with your toaster.


I went to see Hairspray The Musical last night. It had to be the most joyous 2 hours of my life. (The last sentence was totally void of any sarcasm)

What more do you want on a drab, freezing Wednesday evening than watching a bunch of people singing and dancing in gorgeous 60’s dresses, and whilst we see the turbulant, but fun story of a plump teenager get the hot boy and rally against racial segregation?

You wanna lay off the slow cooked food mate

You wanna lay off the slow cooked food mate

I went home and sat in bed listenig to the original broadway cast recording and had happy dreams that I went to have my hair cut dead nice.
And I’m in love with the XFactor guy who dances very well in it.

I haven’t smiled my way through something since Take That at Eastlands Stadium in 2011. Yeah the one with Robbie. Obvs.

Are my new hobbies solely down to the lack of facebook in my life?
If you quit a social network does your focus instantly shift to musical theatre and lentils?

In just 7 days you too can become a camp housewife.


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