Facebook Lent (A virtual Fast) – Day 9 (I was not prepared!)

Everybody remember where we parked.

Everybody remember where we parked.

May god strike me down.

It’s a right laugh when you log in to a website using facebook log in then, see that you’re fave bands in town this week, click ‘get tickets’ and it sends you to your facebook.

The exact website you’ve managed to stay off for a godamm week.

But, I was the bigger person, I saw what I had done and closed my window down.

Look at that for stamina. Just look at me. You try and see that red notifications circle in triple frickin’ figures and not want to click on it.

It’s just like being vegetarian and eating Haribo by mistake.



In the words of William Shatner:

I’m not out to convince anybody of anything.

So nothing to see here, just move along now…


I’m good like that, me though. You’ll never find me calling an ex-boyfriend a 3am crying down the phone that,

 I’ve just seen a pebble and it reminded me of you, remember how we used to walk on the pavement togetherrrr

I just hide in their front garden all night and peer at them watching telly through the curtains instead.

The lesson here kids, is to now start using that amazing resistance of mine for the greater good, beyond not looking at social networks and sending drunk texts…

But, if I start doing roller derby you have permission to kick me in the face.


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