Facebook Lent (A virtual Fast) – Week5 – It’s the thought that counts

it's my party and I'll....

it’s my party and I’ll….

By not kicking around on facebook for the last month or so, it’s got me thinking that some things in our life will never be the same again, without our blue-branded, social networking buddy. Such as…


I get too caught up in my own stressed-out shit and extremely busy beyond belief to remember to do the important things in life. Such as showering, sending texts, calling mother, holding down a relationship or buying logical things to put together to make a decent meal; getting home and realising that even the most experienced chef on Ready Steady Cook can’t create a decent supper out of a bottle of gin and some chicken stock cubes.

So, thanks Mr FB for your nifty birthday reminders.

Christ, how many times have I wished someone happy birthday on facebook; even though I didn’t care that they’re another year older, or that they even exist? But, I know how happy, warm and loved, that little red circle clocking up the new notifications, makes you feel on your special day. I’m nice like that me.



These automatic reminders are proof that even the simplest online community functionality is proper useful for the forgetful, busy, one-tracked minded folk amongst us. I forgot my best friend’s birthday last week.


It had totally slipped my mind, until I remembered 4 days later whilst I was eating a Boots Meal Deal.

Working all the hours god sends can send your little body into a little survival machine. The trek to Boots to choose your lunch, crossing the huge, massive road on the way to work or setting your alarm before you get into bed, are the only big decisions your mind can compute outside of ‘work-mode’. Everything else, unintentionally just falls by the wayside. E.g. showering, sending texts, calling mother…see above for more.

But where birthdays are concerned I always had that little buffer in the form of facebook notifications to remind me at the last minute.

So, there’s 3 possible life choices to make here kids,

  1. Stay on facebook

    and never miss another birthday in your life, ever again. Sure, facebook’s doing all the friendship hard work here, but who cares, at least you made the effort to write a generic comment on their profile page. It’s the (after) thought that counts.

  2. Stay off facebook

    and learn to be fucking organised. Your grandparents didn’t have iphones or social networks back in the day to remember shit like this. Treat yourself to Cat Calendar for Christmas and spend New Year’s Day with a Red Marker pen plotting all your loved ones birthdays.
    How else do you think your nanna remembers to put a fiver in your card every year? Granted she sends it on the wrong day, and there’s no one called Martin in your family, but it’s the thought that counts.

  3. Quit the day job.

    and sack the stress off. Live up a mountain, chant to some God and make beaded jewellery out of your own dried poo and essential oils. The birthday card will probably arrive 6 months late, after it’s been trekked for days over the Himalaya’s on a camel. But, it’s the happy, stress free thought that count

    at the bottom of everything...

    at the bottom of everything…


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