23 Things Only People From Sheffield Will Understand


1. This is your only memory of ‘Hole In T’Road’

By the proper top Pete McKee ( http://www.petemckee.com )

The centrepiece of the “Hole In t’road” was a huge fishtank.
During a big shop to town, this was ultimate mum vs. bored kid blackmail ammo. In reality, it was mostly just brown water, behind proper thick glass, with the odd glistening fish eye.
Shove that up your underwater ocean tunnel Mr Sealife Centre

2. Sorry, yeah, ‘Hole In T’Road’

an image of a roundabout in the middle of the road

Hole In T’Road

Hole In t’road, which of course in Sheffield means ‘The Hole In the Road’, yet scholars maintain that the translation was lost hundreds of years ago.
Basically an underground shopping centre with a skylight. Despite being the number 1 hangout spot for 24-hour drunks, in 1994 this iconic landmark joined the 27 club to make way for this…


An image of a tram


Is it a train, is it a tram? No it’s the SuperTram! Only Sheffield would be brazen enough to claim such a strong testament of superiority about it’s alternative public transport system.

4. Halfway is actually a place

An image of a tram

Halfway. Messing with people’s heads since the beginning of time

We just love confusing tourists. Plus ironically, it’s the end of the line.


For the full shebang, head to BuzzFeed http://www.buzzfeed.com/victoriat12/things-only-people-from-sheffield-will-understand-b1hx

I could do a Part 2, there’s proper loads I edited out from this version, so, watch out for Chapter 2 sometime when I can be arsed and keep sharing folks!


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