Mixtape / New Road To Joy: Vol 1



I’ve been playing and writing about music for years. For even longer I’ve bored people to death with “You need to listen to this band” or “You gotta hear this one song — it’ll change your life; I swear.”.

In 2010, I started a music night in Manchester called ‘Road To Joy’ and at around the same time, I’ve had two Spotify playlists on the go, slowly adding tracks over the last six years. They’ve racked up about 2,000 tracks.

One of those is ‘New Road To Joy’. The criteria to make the playlist is pretty straightforward, it’s ‘Plinky Plonky’ tunes; folk, nu-folk, acoustic, americana, singer-songwriter, chilled, lo-fi, soul… Y’know the type.

So, here’s a long over due curation of sorts of all of the above; Road To Joy Mixtapes – a combination of me wanking on about music for so long, the epic collections of music on Spotify and my g’dam love of it all.

Volume 1: Summer Journey’s


Road trip, beaches, the sun beating down – here’s a soundtrack to those Summer Journey’s. Forget this shocking freezing weather and take yourself back to the chilled summer vibes of going somewhere, anywhere and having a ball.



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