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MIC’s Podcast Edit Club wants to get you out of the house, because, let’s be honest, podcasting can be a lonely game – more often than not, it’s just you and your computer, editing for hours on end. 

Launching on Wednesday 20th March at Media City, MIC’s Podcast Edit Club is designed for you to get on with the serious business of editing, recording or planning your podcast, whilst having the opportunity to interact with actual humans (if you need to) and drink some delicious beverages.

You rarely have anyone to troubleshoot that tech problem with or someone to give you immediate feedback on a niggly cut that you’ve been obsessing about for hours.

At MIC’s Edit Club, they’ll also be pro audio producers knocking around to give you some real first class advice if you’re stuck, have a question or need an ear – and I’m chuffed to blumming bits to welcome the awesome Kate Cocker to the very first Edit Club.

Mic’s Edit Club Supporters.

Kate’s a renowned audio industry insider and Presenter Coach, who’s worked extensively across BBC and commercial radio. She also produces her own podcast and Alexa Skills Briefing called ‘Everyday Positivity’.
More about Kate www.thepresentercoach.co.uk

MIC’s Podcast Edit Club is kindly supported by Barclay’s Eagle Labs and is being held at The Landing in the heart of Media City, next door to the BBC, ITV and Salford University.


MIC’s Podcast Edit Club is free to attend – simply sign up here http://bit.ly/2SUE5hr

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