Do you want to start a podcast ? or are you thinking about it, but not quite ready (let’s be honest, are you ever going to be ready?).

Well, as long as you or your company have something to say that is (more on that in a future blog post!), I don’t think there’s much stopping you.

Let me convince you why…

You don’t need to be fancy

All you need to start a podcast is 3 things,

1. A microphone to pick your voice into a recording 2. Something to store that recording 3. An internet connection to share that recording

Now, you might not believe me when I tell you this, but 1 and 2 you’ll probably already have. Actually, I bet you have at least 2 of each! Yes, Really!

There’s microphones built into pretty much every smartphone, tablet and laptop, which all, (more often than not), connect to the internet.

…And Voilà! That is your basic podcasting set-up! You don’t need the very best, expensive professional, broadcast-standard equipment and you certainly don’t need it right at the start of your podcasting journey.

This simple set-up, can also be a great way for you to practice.

They’re Accessible

They’ll be very few barriers for people to listen to your podcast.

All your potential listener needs is a device that connects to the internet and a speaker. This covers a wide of things such as phones, laptops, desktop computer, cars smart speaker, smart tv…the list goes on.

That’s it; you don’t need to be in the same country as the podcast that you’re listening to, or have an expensive subscription, you don’t even need a licence and it’s all on-demand – so you can listen when and where you want.

Imagine that potential for your podcast? You could have a listener who is anywhere in the world, doing anything – engaged with your message or your story.

And whilst we’re at it, just to make you ‘wow’ a little bit more, they’re also mostly free to listen to.

Guys, I’m just bashing down these barriers, right in front of your very eyes.

They’re dead Personable

You know those people we talked about under the ‘Accessibility’ bit above? They’ll be mostly consuming podcasts on their own. Think about it, how often do you sit and listen to a podcast with someone else – it’s a rarity isn’t?

a lady wearing a ponytail hairstyle earphones in her ears, holding a looking at her phone
Photo – Siddharth Bhogra via unsplash

Whether you’re in the car, at the gym, on the commute, cooking tea or gardening – podcasts are a very personal experience.

What other form of communication gets you right inside someone’s lughole, where you can really hook their attention and capture their imagination?

Again, think of that potential for you to share your message and values to a huge audience, but on a very intimate-level.

If at the start of this article you were around 35% ‘oh I’m still not sure whether to start a podcast’, I bet you’ll be at a firm 99% now?

If you need more convincing or would like a hand with your podcast production, let me help guide you in the right direction.  

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