Tourist podcast is back with a new exciting episode with comedian Jessica Fostekew

I have a confession …it’s taken me proper ages to get this episode of the Tourist Podcast to you,  loads of stuff just started to happen, not to mention the little pandemic.!

But your favourite travel podcast is back – honk honk! It’s the podcast where comedians are your tour guides. They give you a lovely unique perspective on some places you might have always wanted to go, or have already been but never kinda looked at it that way before!

Our tour guide for this long-awaited episode of the Tourist podcast is the fabulous comedian, writer, and actor, it’s Jessica Fostekew!

Jessica is a comedian, writer and actor who you may recognise as the star of BBC’s Motherland and Cuckoo. She is also the host of The Hoovering podcast and regular co – host of The Guilty Feminist. 

Join Jessica and Tourist host Vic Turnbull for the best hangover cure, where the pair venture out to V Rev Vegan Diner, discussing their future travel plans, special oat milk, Jessica’s family life, and attitudes to food.


Travel with Tourist

Tourist is an alternative travel guide with some of the funniest comedians on the planet. Some of our previous fab comedian’s guests have included Hayley Ellis, Daliso Chaponda, and Toby Hadoke. Our previous trips have included finding the best pie in Wigan, visited the only museum dedicated to hats and the John Rylands library.

Listen to previous episodes here.

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