About Moi


Many moons ago I decided to write down stuff that wondered into this little head. Originally kicking off on MySpace (‘member that?). Covering stuff I saw, amazing things I heard, shite people came out with,  hare-brained and half -cocked ideas to make me money, to the joys of life at  22, (mainly wine infused with a tinge of house-party) whilst living in the glorious North of England. Many of these posts will not see the light of day again for a long, long time.

Over 10 years later, things haven’t changed. Just maybe with the extra bingo wing, war stories, suicidal hangovers and “it wasn’t like that in my day” grumbles (with fist shaking).

Recently I’ve added choice cuts from the Silent Radio show, interviews with bands and selection of mixtapes for your enjoyment.

This is just me showing off basically.

About VicMe

Vic left school with an A* in woodwork and RE. She wasn’t sure though, that the world was ready for another messiah carpenter. On top of this, she then realised that her childhood ambition of becoming a dinosaur hunter wasn’t going to work out.

Originally and very proudly from Sheffield, Victoria graduated in Media Production from Salford University years ago and has been living in Manchester for 13 years, she bloody loves it here.

She also has over 10 years of working  in the third sector & has a smorgasbord of skills and experience from being a Deputy Director at an award-winning national arts charity; leading innovative website development, organising high-profile events (Downing Street, V&A…) and securing dead good media exposure (BBC R1…), to currently doing some ace things with youth leadership, social mobility and changing the face of the UK’s unrepresentative power landscape.

Wearing her media hat she’s had placements at BBC Manchester and Key 103, plus broadcast programmes including a co-produced BBC 5Live documentary on youth employment, named by the station head as the “most ambitious programme that’s been developed since the BBC’s move north.”, and a  TV documentary about the young lives of Gypsies and Travellers, told by the young people themselves.

She also writes reviews for new music releases and gigs across Manchester and interviews bands and stuff about interesting things;  all for the hot and tasty online mecca of exciting new music Silent Radio. Some of which you will read on this very blog. In 2014 she co-founded and continues to produce and present the weekly Silent Radio show on FabRadioInternational.com, with stellar guests including Maxine Peake, Sleaford Mods, The Buzzcocks, The Chameleons, The Bluetones, Micah P Hinson, The Wave Pictures and many more.

In 2010, she founded Manchester music night, ‘Road to Joy’ playing a damm fine selection of plinky plonky music, from delicious Americana, to chilled out soul, in a pub ran by that guy from the Beautiful South. She continues to get around DJing.

In between she freelances as a TV Production Manager, has a bloody good go at taking photos and drinks rum.

She has a strong passion for music, but that sounds shit and she can’t think of another way to put it.

Oh, and…

When she’s not boring people that ‘oh my god you need to hear this one song, it will change your life, I swear’, Vic is available to write things (music-related articles/ reviews, copy etc) interview folk, jingle production, advise on the internets (‘gerra website’, ‘are you on twitter?’ – that sort of thing), marketing / PR consultation, new band advice and play some songs.

Bestest gigs:

Pulp, Sheffield Arena, ’12
Micah P Hinson, Sheffield Lantern Theatre, ’12
Dream Themes, Manchester Star & Garter, ’14
Patrick Watson, Manchester Gorilla, ’15
Less Than Jake, Nottingham Rock City, ‘01
Frightened Rabbit, Manchester Deaf Institute, ’12
The Decemberists, Manchester Academy, ‘11
Passion Pit, Manchester Academy 2, ‘09
Iron and Wine, The Ritz, Manchester, ‘08
The Verve (with Beck), Wigan Haigh Hall, ‘98
Take That, Manchester Eastlands Stadium, ‘11

Worst gig:

Fall Out Boy, Manchester Roadhouse ’05 (subject to change)

Get in touch! for more.

Sometimes she writes in the first person.


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