An alternative travel guide with the funniest people on the planet.

Sod Lonely Planet, join me Vic Elizabeth Turnbull, alongside your favourite comedians and well-known faces on the Tourist Podcast, as we explores the UK’s most loved places, best kept secrets, backstreet dives and some unlikely destinations.

Each episode, a new comedy guest gives a no-holds barred tour of a place that they’ve always wanted go, but have never been before.

Come with us and get your Tourist on! Discover some gems right on your doorstep or visit somewhere completely new.

First stop: The North

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#5 Daliso Chaponda – The John Rylands Library 

Your Tour Guide for this episode is the brilliant award-winning writer, stand-up comedian and Britain’s Got Talent finalist – Daliso Chaponda.

Join Daliso and Vic as they take you on a trip to the magical, Hogwarts-esq John Rylands Library; one of Manchester’s best kept secrets.

Discover the grand gesture behind this magnificent building, what goes on in the basement, far below the streets of Manchester and where that booky smell really comes from. The tour also includes selling out, 250,000 books, ghostly tales, the power of a golden buzzer and insider tips on becoming a top writer and comedian – direct from this hilarious horse’s mouth.

Guests & Location
Find out more about Daliso, where you can see him live next and also where to buy his brand-new live DVD – over at and on his twitter too @DalisoChaponda

John Rylands Library is free to visit and join, head to their website for more



#4 Allyson June Smith – Pies in Wigan 

Your Tour Guide for this episode is wonderful stand-up comedian Allyson June Smith, who visits Wigan in search of the best pie.

Join Allyson and Vic, as they head to a town synonymous with the meaty, pastry delights and learn why Wigan has become the pie capital of the world.

They hook up with Martin Tarbuck, a bonafide pie expert, who’s written a book all about pies and his quest to find the most tastiest. Martin takes a starving Allyson and Vic to sample the best pie Wigan has to offer. Includes a bumpy train ride on a vintage locomotive, crumby faces and plenty of calories.

Warning – This episode is pretty graphic do not listen to this whilst hungry.

Guests & Location
Find out more about Allyson and where you can see this wonderful woman live, over on her website for dates and more. She’s also spreading the giggles on twitter too @AllysonJSmith

Martin’s book ‘The Life of Pies’ is available to buy now via his website Martin’s also on twitter @TheLifeofPies


#3 Christian Reilly – Cloud 23 / Beetham Tower

Your Tour Guide for this episode is the delightful Christian Reilly, who’s a comedian of the musical persuasion. He’s visiting Cloud 23, that sits half way up Manchester’s iconic and massive Beetham Tower.

Join Christian and Vic, as they bask in possibly the best weather the city has to offer, take in some breathtaking views, get serious about economics, do some really awful impressions of the announcer guy from the X-Factor and get heckled by the discerning Manchester public.

Guests & Location
Christian is a gig machine and also takes a brand-new show up to Edinburgh this year, visit for dates and more. His twitter is superb too, give him a follow @ChristReilly

Cloud 23 is open 7 days a week and booking is advised – as it’s dead popular. Find out more at

#2 Hayley Ellis – The Washhouse

Your Tour Guide for this episode is the blumming lovely Hayley Ellis – a writer and stand-up comedian, who visits The Washhouse, one of Manchester’s most secretive drinking dens and is disguised as somewhere to wash your undies.

Join Hayley and  Vic Elizabeth Turnbull as they roam the streets of Manchester in search of a launderette with a dirty secret and drink some of the most innovative, delicious and bizarre cocktails ever – like, we’re talking open flames and stuff you’d find in builders yard bonkers.

Guests & Location
Hayley gigs regularly and has a new show that she’s taking to Edinburgh this year, for dates and loads of other stuff visit She’s also got a strong twitter game too – follow her @Hayles_Ellis

The Washhouse is open 7 days a week. To find out more and how to book a table visit – Remember, no booky, no looky!

#1 Katie Mulgrew – The Elizabeth Gaskell House

Your very first Tour Guide is the fabulous award-winning writer and stand-up comedian Katie Mulgrew, visiting The Elizabeth Gaskell House, named after the Victorian author who used to live there and whose novels include Cranford and North and South – which you might have seen on’telly.

Join Katie and podcast host Vic Elizabeth Turnbull , as they explore the recently done-up Victorian mansion; find out about Lizzie, who was quite the gender norm defying bad-ass and her bea William. They also learn how Charles put the ‘Dick’ in Dickins, why Taylor Swift’s squad isn’t a patch on Gaskell’s, how extra petty the Victorians could be and discover a top love story involving the legendary Hacienda nightclub.

Guests & Location
Katie regularly makes large groups of people laugh, to find out where she’s playing next and other stuff about this wonderful lady visit and her twitter is hilarious, give her a follow @katiemulg

The Elizabeth Gaskell House is open 3 days, with historic period rooms to explore, a Victoria-style garden, tea room and a jam packed diary full of workshops and events. Find out more at


Trailer – A little teaser



Written, Produced & Edited: Vic Elizabeth Turnbull 

Artwork: Matthew Butcher @Mattbutcher46
Voiceover for #1,2,3 recorded at SSR, Manchester
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Extra music: (#5) 
Modestly Rude by Jhovanny Fontanez (c) copyright 2009 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license.