I’m absolutely delighted to be profiled on an episode of the Social Good Podcast.

Rhys Morgan heads up this inspiring slice of audio niceness and each week, invites a new guest to talk about how they’re involved in and spreading social good. So, basically it’s a podcast about good eggs.

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How I ended up on this podcast, is a smashing example of the power of networking, this time of the social persuasion. I’ve joined a few podcaster support groups* on facebook, to soak up and share advice and tips and have the support of fellow pod community humans. It was on one of these, I chipped into thread that Rhys and I were on and then invited myself on his show. That’s right, I’m that dick that comes round to your house, uninvited and then makes themselves a brew.


It was a top experience and really odd being on the other side of being interviewed. I’m still not totally comfortable talking about myself and journey, it all feels a bit existential – but this is the nature of the beast isn’t it? Comfort Zones are for those that linger and bathe in the status quo. It’s a total cliche, but stepping into the unknown and being brave helps you to grow. I should know, I’m literally shitting myself on a daily basis of late.

On the episode, I really, bloody enjoyed Rhys’s first impression of me, based on this website – and having him think I was  ‘Manchester’s answer to the Devil Wears Prada’  and a ‘Patsy from Ab Fab’ PR / marketing Queen. But hey, this can only be a good thing, right? Looking swanky and profesh, when we all know in real life – I am actually Patsy after a few Bolly’s – far more accurate.

I love Rhys’s simple, ‘f*** it’ style. There’s minimal editing and he’s very honest throughout. The DIY approach can bring out more of a natural honesty; which is great for a podcast like this, where it’s a simple conversation between two people. Heavy editing would kill the vibe maaan.

Anyway, I digress – have a listen!

Find out about fabulous folk I mentioned on the podcast here: Silent Radio, Flourish CIC, Northern Power Women, UpRising and NOISE Festival.

You can find out more about the Social Good Podcast and listen to other episodes here SocialGoodPodcast.com – remember to rate and review if you likey.

* Including Podcasters Supporters Group, Podcast Movement Community & Women Who Podcast – just search for them on facebook

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