Your tour guide for this, the latest episode of Tourist Podcast is brilliant award-winning writer, stand-up comedian and Britain’s Got Talent finalist – Daliso Chaponda.

Daliso, originally from South Africa and now living in Manchester joins me on a trip to the magical, Hogwarts-esq John Rylands Library; one of Manchester’s best kept secrets.

Discover the grand gesture behind this magnificent building, what goes on in the basement, far below the streets of Manchester and where that booky smell really comes from.

The tour also includes selling out, 250,000 books, ghostly tales, the power of a golden buzzer and insider tips on becoming a top writer and comedian – direct from this hilarious horse’s mouth.

 Sssshhhhh it’s Daliso!

Its was bloody lovely to spend a few hours with Daliso; I met him about 13 years ago when I was a bar monkey at the Comedy Store in Manchester and he’d just arrived in the UK from Canada, where he started and developed his comedy career. So, it’s really top to see his journey from open spot to global superstar.

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